Buddi V2 GPS Victim Unit

Electronic Monitoring Equipment

Buddi’s V2 utilizes the same proven tracking hardware as in the Buddi Tag but conveniently packaged to fit easily in a pocket or purse or attached to a key chain with the lanyard that is included in the kit.  The V2 features an LED indicating charge status and a panic button to transmit current location.

Using Buddi Eagle software, the V2 is assigned to a victim/survivor and is configured in minutes.  A moving exclusion zone is set up with an associated Tag wearer or wearers with a diameter of up to virtually any distance (1 or more miles is recommended). The V2 calculates its location every minute and calls into the data center every 10 minutes to update its location relative to associated aggressor wearers.  Notifications are sent directly to the victim’s cell phone or to or any SMS/email address.

Inclusion and exclusion zones may also be set for the victim to serve as reminders and to aid in monitoring the behavior of the victim.

Buddi V2 Hardware

  • Integrated GPS chip set continuously checks for GPS availability and records a location once every minute
  • Communicates via any available GSM network
  • Convenient and discrete packaging
  • Panic button
  • Ease of set up
  • Two hour charge daily
  • Mini USB charger cord included
  • Scheduled alerts providing closest distance from the aggressor wearer during the period
The Buddi V2 Victim Unit is intended as a monitoring tool and relies on GPS and wireless signals for location information and communications.  In certain locations, these signals may not be available.  Use of the Buddi V2 will not prevent a victim and an associated wearer from becoming proximate to one another and will not prevent a crime or violent acts.


Buddi Electronic Monitoring Equipment Accessories


The Buddi Mobile App is a powerful tool that is compatible with all iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.  After entering a user ID and Password, the user friendly App provides secure access to wearer information, contacts, alerts, mapping functions, current wearer location, wearer tracks and equipment status.




The Buddi Charging Dock allows for low amperage charging of up to 5 Tags from a single power outlet.  The unique design allows the docks to be easily ganged together.  The docks will fully charge a Tag in about 6 hours and will keep them charged indefinitely, so there is always a Tag ready to be installed.




The Buddi Removal Tool allows for quick and easy removal of the tag without the need to cut the strap, remove fasteners or come into contact with the wearer.  Removal of the Tag takes only seconds.